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Wealth Creation

Google "Wealth Creation" and see the flood of companies and people trying to sell you on everything from Books, DVD's, Free Seminars, Free Introductory Meetings, Training Sessions for Trading Shares... You name it, they associate it to Wealth Creation.

What you wont find is someone who asks you what you think Wealth is...

Here at Advantage Accountants (SA) we like to get to know our clients and get their understanding of what they see as Wealth.

Why, you might ask? Well because nearly every single person has a different idea and perspective on what Wealth is.

Wealth is not necessarily having a $100,000 in a bank account....

Wealth is not necessarily owning 10 Houses....

Wealth is something you define and can be a number of things. It can be now, in the near future or in a few years from now... You would be surprised by the number of different ideas people have about Wealth. People have very, very different ideas and rarely will you find two people who have the same answer...

So, how do we help you? Well, we help you look at your financial position and work with you to establish reasonable goals for both short term Wealth and long term Wealth. We work with you and provide expert advice on how to achieve these goals and what strategies you may need to implement. We then review this information with you regularly and help you stay on track to you “Wealth Creation"...

If you would like learn more about what Wealth Creation means for you, please contact our Office.

Here are some responses we were given, when we asked our clients what they think Wealth is...

Having enough money in the bank all of the time to pay bills as they arrive and not living on a shoe string budget.
Being able to afford a few luxuries such as going to the Movies, or going on a regular Holiday.
Buying a new car on a regular basis and renovating the House.
Being ahead on our Mortgage repayments and building on a savings account.
Being able to pay for our children to attend private schools and paying for University Fees.
Purchasing an investment property and looking at building a property investment portfolio.
Not worrying about Visa card debt and shopping when I want.

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