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Advantage TaxBak Service

Here at Advantage Accountants (SA) we enjoy helping our clients with the completion of their Tax Returns using the Advantage TaxBak Service. This service has been developed in house over a number of years and ensures accurate and professional Tax Returns are completed quickly. It helps prevent our clients from missing out on eligible deductions which they may have not known about.

The team at Advantage Accountants (SA) also aim to give our clients a better understanding of the relevant tax legislation which applies to their situations. This is important as it allows our clients to make better decisions regarding their overall financial and taxation positions.

The service we offer is definitely value for money, providing peace of mind to all of our clients, knowing that they have their very important taxation matters taken care of by professionals. The team is very experienced in all relevant areas of taxation from the very basic student tax returns up to the very complex business tax returns. The fees charged are also fully tax deductible! With that in mind, why on earth would you even consider doing it yourself and risk missing out on maximising your tax refund?

Advantage Accountants (SA) are also able to assist our clients with any dealings with the ATO (Australian Tax Office) including negotiation of debt repayment, obtaining additional information for taxation purposes and the updating of personal details etc.

Another exciting service on offer to our clients is tax planning and the development of strategies to save you money.... Ok so it may not sound all that exciting, but the rewards of this service certainly are exciting...

The team at Advantage Accountants (SA) are able to discuss your current and future tax position and help you plan to better accommodate and minimise your tax liability. How is this done you might ask? There are many methods and tools used to achieve this and some of them include, salary sacrificing, self managed superannuation, trust setups, prepayments towards the interest of investment loans and many others.

Experienced, professional, friendly and helpful services... The choice is simple and easy, contact our Office today to book your Tax Appointment.

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